2022 Campus Restoration

Important Update (July 27, 2022)

The initial phases of the project have begun. The roof has been completely pressure washed and an additional urethane sealant has been added to all areas where water could possibly penetrate. New drainpipes have been added off of the main entrance roof to allow proper drainage and to prevent ponding water. Final sample materials are being tested to currently before the product is delivered and applied to the roof.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve finalized bids from competing contractors for the roof sealing project. Through this process, we discovered the needed internal repairs are less extensive and expensive than originally projected. The best bid we received is from a reputable contractor and comes with a 15-year, no-leak warranty.

The good news is that the total cost for the project (roof sealant, exterior painting and wood accent trim) will now cost $50,000 less than originally expected. We have updated the project tiers below to reflect this cost reduction.

Currently, we have over $137,000 either committed or already given toward the cost of this project. For the remaining amount needed to complete this campus restoration, if each individual giver or family participates at an average of $100/month for the next six months, we can finish the project together! While we understand that not everyone can give the same amount, any amount given can benefit our ability to reach our community.

This project is important to repair and preserve the facility that God has given us as well as enable us to carry out the mission and vision of our church in our community for years to come. Please prayerfully consider your part and submit your pledge or donation through the links on this page or in one of our giving boxes on Sunday.

Current Photos

For photos of the roof condition prior to the start of the project, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Big Picture

God has done amazing things through our church over the past 33 years. We propose this campus restoration initiative to advance our mission and vision now and for years to come. We ask those who call Faith home to join us in this effort.

The Story So Far: October 2021-Present

  • Financial records and documents dating back to the beginning of the church were evaluated to gather as much information as possible about past repair projects.
  • Time was spent speaking with tenured church members to gain additional context and insight.
  • The roof was determined to be the area in need of the most immediate repairs and improvements.
  • Multiple companies inspected the roof and internal damage and provided proposals for us to consider.
  • Project proposals ranged from itemized individual repairs or comprehensive projects to address all exterior and interior needs.
  • Findings


    • Exposed seams allowing leaks
    • Fading, chipping and cracking paint all across roof sections allowing exposed metal to rust
    • Rusted and missing fasteners
    • Deteriorating pipe boots, caulk and sealant




    • Multiple leaks in the Worship Center, Children’s Center and Student Center
    • Internal water damage



    • Rotting plywood roof decking
    • Internal water damage


    Roof History

  • The oldest roof sections were installed in 1991, followed by the preschool/offices building in 1993, and the worship center in 2000.
  • Thousands of dollars have been spent over the last several years to make temporary repairs on both the main campus roof sections and the student center roof.
  • Additional money has been spent over the years to replace ceiling tiles in the main buildings and student center.
  • The church's roof is at a point where action is required to extend its life.
  • Roof Replacement Costs

  • A total metal roof replacement is estimated to cost a minimum of $987,000.
  • A total shingle roof replacement is estimated to cost a minimum of $465,000.
  • History of Unity

    Our church has an amazing history of working together to fund major campus projects in order to fulfill our local mission:

  • Purchased 31 acres of property in 1990
  • Constructed the current Children's Center in 1991
  • Constructed the preschool/office buildings in 1993
  • Constructed the Worship Center in 2000
  • Constructed the Pair Pavilion in 2017
  • Restoration Projects and Goals

    Tier 1 - $225-250K

  • Make needed repairs in both buildings to stop leaks and repair internal damage.
  • Apply gray coating to all metal roof sections to reseal deteriorating areas, extend the roof's life, and provide the church with a fresh look.
  • Paint vertical metal panels to match the new gray coating color.
  • Paint the Pair Pavilion to match the new roof color.

  • Tier 2 - $275-300K

  • All items listed in Tier 1
  • Apply an additional $50,000 towards repairing and re-striping the front parking lot.

  • Tier 3 - $325-350K

  • All items listed in Tiers 1 and 2
  • Apply an additional $50,000 to redesign and update the welcome center lobby area.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question that is not answered here? Email your question to info@faith-baptist.com.

    1. Why was the decision made to move forward with such a large project instead of just making small repairs to stop the leaks?

    Metal roofs have a life expectancy of between 40-60 years and the oldest section of the church’s roof was installed over 30 years ago. Thousands of dollars have been spent in the past ten years to make temporary repairs. The aging of the roof sections, the types of repairs that were needed, and the fading and cracking of the paint were all major determining factors on the scope of the project.

    2. Are we planning to use any of our building fund balance to pay for this project?

    We are working hard to build and maintain a healthy balance in our building fund for maintenance projects, improvements and emergencies. We are planning to fund the campus restoration project separate from our regular building fund.

    3. What kind of warranty will we receive for this project?

    We are still in negotiations with two contractors concerning warranties. The minimum guaranteed warranty is 10 years renewable for another 10 years.

    4. How long have there been leaks?

    Based on conversations with tenured church members, we’ve discovered that some leaks have existed for at least 15 years.

    5. Is this project just to update the look of the church and provide a cosmetic change?

    No, the coating will reseal all areas of the metal roof sections where caulk is now deteriorating and leaking. The work will also replace any rusted fasteners and repairing the leaking flat metal roof section on the front of the building by removing the metal, replacing all rotten wood decking underneath, and adding a TPO membrane roof that will be tied into the rest of the existing roof correctly.

    As an added benefit to the necessary repairs, the change of roof color and corresponding exterior painting will improve the presentation and curb appeal of our buildings.

    6. Why would we not do a full roof replacement and get a longer warranty?

    A total metal roof replacement has been estimated to cost nearly a million dollars and comes with a 20-year warranty. A total shingle roof replacement has been estimated to cost at least $465,000 and comes with a 10-year warranty. Both estimates are base prices and would likely increase significantly due to the amount of labor needed for such large projects and with the need to add plywood decking for a shingle roof replacement.

    Our roof has not completely reached the point where a replacement roof is essential, but we are still dealing with many leaks and aging. By coating and making needed repairs now, the roof’s life will be significantly extended.

    More Photos


    This project provides us the opportunity to invest in our mission of leading people to active faith in Jesus now and for the next generation.